History of Group 5

For the 1976 season the FIA introduced a new Group 5 “Special Production Car” category, allowing extensive modifications to production based vehicles which were homologated in FIA Groups 1 through 4. These cars would contest the World Championship for Makes series from 1976 through to 1980 and then the World Endurance Championship in 1981 & 1982. The FIA rules restricted the width of the car, therefore cars were built with standard body widths but wide mudguard extensions. The regulation required only the bonnet, roof, doors and rail panel were left unmodified.[3] The rules however did not mention headlight heights, therefore when Porsche originally were to enter the 935 with the production headlight, they read the rules and discovered the loophole, therefore they raced the 935 with the hallmark flat nose. The category was also mostly associated with the wide boxy wheel arches and extravagant body style.

The category would be banished after 1982 in favour of the Group B regulation, but did continued to compete in JSPC, IMSA GTX category and other national sports car racing championships for a few more years. The only non-circuit events that used Group 5 cars were in the Giro D’Italia Automobilistico rally.

In Japan, the wide arch boxy with extended front spoiler body style is still favoured amongst bōsōzoku car drivers, impersonators of the former and fans of the body style, who usually build a more exaggerated body style.

BMW 320

Ferrari 512 Bb

Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick

Ford Capri

Zakspeed Ford Escort


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