Group 5 Racing series – third year.

Since Sideways launched the Group 5 vehicles, these slot cars thrill drivers and collectors alike. The cars look great, there is a large and growing range of models and paintwork and driving is just fun.At this point we started. Even in the normal state, so “out of the box” (ootb), the vehicles have a convincing driving behavior. After an intensive test phase, we were able to present a balanced set of rules that not only keeps costs low with a few targeted tuning options, but also brings the various models to a uniform level through a “Balance of Performance” (BoP). Best prerequisites So for a cross-club racing series, which took place in 2017 for the first time.bernardo sousa rally

In 2019 we will start with even more clubs, we will be international and of course there will be the big final in Germany, where the best riders of the participating clubs will compete for the title “German Sideways Group 5 Champion”.

If one breach these conditions of the permit, one may face disciplinary omprising penalties, halt, or revocation of the license.

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